The root of the hair which is buried under the skin which produces the hair shaft. 


Follicular unit 
A natural grouping of hairs that grow very close to each other and sometimes on the exact same point. Hairs are not arranged individually in the scalp, they are grouped into units usually consisting of 2-5 hairs. This means if you get 1000 grafts implanted (depending of the grouping of your hair follicles) you would have at least 2000 or more hairs in the transplanted area. 


A medical term which means a tissue is taken from a part of the body and placed to another. In hair transplant, it means the plugs of follicular units. When the hairs are inside the skin its a follicular unit but when they are cut out to be transplanted they become a graft. 



The price of your hair transplant will depend on the amount of grafts that will be implanted. To be able to know this, the client will have to submit pictures of thier scalp through email and our doctors will be able to give free quote based on the amount of grafts needed .

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