I started losing my hair pretty young, I was 18 when my sister first commented on my receding hairlines. Looking back, I probably had to start taking care of myself back then with pills and sprays but It just didn’t bother me enough and by the time it did, it was too late to take care of the problem only with pills. 


For years I would ask my barber to cut my hair different, hide the receding hairline with gel, and constantly be fixing it myself throughout the day. Back then, when I looked in the mirror or a picture the only thing I would think about was how thin my hair looked. Hating when people took pictures from the wrong angle and getting frustrated with every glance at the mirror. I know it sounds ‘whiny,’ but I really suffered. 


Two years ago, I bumped into a bald friend of mine after having not seen him for six months. Surprisingly he had a full head of hair, looked years younger, and I barley recognized him. After talking to him, the next morning I booked an appointment with his doctor and changed my life forever. When I look back today, I get so frustrated when I think of all the frustration and suffering that balding caused me, only to have it disappear in a five-hour surgery. My biggest and only regret, was not having done it before!


Honestly guys, if you can relate to even a fraction of this story and waste energy thinking and reminiscing about your old hairline, then take action and get a hair transplant. The new method under FUE which uses local anesthesia, is painless, scar less, and get you immiediate results in a short time period. Imagine getting your back knowing it will not go anywhere this time! 


Don’t think too much Just go for it, it’s worth it. 


Truly Yours,


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