Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to undergo an FUE hair transplant at Youthery?

You can contact us and send the pictures of your scalp. After the doctor reviews your case our coordinators will get in touch with you and inform you about the cost and the next steps. You can learn more information about the plan in our "Hair Transplant in Mexico" page.

Do you offer a lifetime guarantee for the hair implant?

Yes, we offer a warranty as long as a health condition or treatment does not affect the hair follicles implanted and leads to hair-loss. The warranty is valid unless you are exposed to any cancer therapies like chemotherapy, radiotherapy or any other disease and treatment that may damage your hair.

What other services besides the FUE implant are included in the package?

We also offer a 3 night stay at a 5 star hotel, a kit to go back home, PRP treatment and luxury transportation.

How long does the transplant procedure take?

It takes about 4-6 hours to complete the FUE hair implant procedure depending on each specific client.

Is the hair transplant done under general anesthesia?

No, we just use local anesthesia to numb the area.

Is the hair transplantation painful?

You do not feel pain since you have local anesthesia numbing the area.

Is there a recommended age to have a hair transplant?

There is no particular age for having a hair transplant procedure. We recommend it according to a patients hair condition and hair loss phase, we do not base on age. We have had patients from 18-85 years old.

How long should I wait between two hair transplantations?

We recommend you to wait at least 6 months in an area that has never had any implants yet and a year for the area where hair was already implanted.

Do you have service for women patients?

Yes, women also suffer from hair loss and we offer hair transplantation for them as well.

How does PRP support a hair implant?

PRP promotes hair growth and tissue healing after the operation. You can read more about it in our PRP Procedure page.

Can I cut my hair before the procedure?

Before the hair implant procedure, the doctor will take a look at the condition of your hair to obtain more information and be able to assess your hair-loss condition more accurately. This is why you should not cut your hair before the consultation.

Should I stop drinking alcohol before the hair transplant procedure?

Alcohol can have effects with the anesthesia used during the procedure, therefore you should avoid drinking alcohol or taking narcotic drugs at least 24 hours before the hair transplant.

Can I smoke before or after the procedure?

Smoking causes a blockage in the vessels and this can affect the hair growth, we recommend to stop smoking at least 24 hours before the procedure and 1 week after.

How long does it take to completely recover from an FUE hair transplant?

Since FUE is a minimally invasive procedure, recovery is very fast. After the hair implant only small scabs on transplanted area and very small red dots on donor area can be seen. The donor and transplanted area will return back to normal in no more than 15 days.

How long does it take to see the final results?

A few weeks after the hair procedure you will notice that the transplanted hair will grow thin and in small amount and then fall out. This is completely normal; 3-5 months later new hair will regrow but not as thick as the end result which is seen about 12 months from the operation.

When can I return to work after the hair transplant?

You can go back to your daily routine 2-3 days after the procedure. The scabs formed will continue to be there and fall after approximately 2 weeks post-procedure.

When can I go back to the gym after the hair transplantation?

You should avoid any heavy workouts that can cause excessive sweating for 15 days. You should take a 1 month break from sports like swimming, playing basketball etc.

When can I cut or shave my hair after the procedure?

You can shorten your hair with scissors or clipper one month after the procedure. It is better to wait at least 3 months before shaving with a razor.

What should I do if i feel pain after the hair transplant?

If you have minor pain you should use a mild painkiller prescribed by your doctor.

Can I leave my hotel room after the procedure?

Yes, you can leave your room while staying away from the sun; it is recommended to rest to reduce inflamation.

When can I wash my hair after the procedure?

You can wash your hair the day after the procedure but without exposing area to direct pressure from the shower; you can mix in shampoo and water in a glass and let it fall gently on the area WITHOUT MASSAGING. For more information go to our "After Hair Transplant" page.

Why is Youthery cheaper?

By doing the procedure in Mexico we can lower the operational costs without loosing the quality and professionalism of the hair transplant. In Mexico maintaining a clinic, paying salaries, bureaucracy and taxes are all cheaper than in the USA and Canada.

Should I shave my hair?

You should not shave your hair before having your first appointment with the doctor. In most cases, our team of professionals will need to shave the donor area.

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