Let us know if you have any medical issue and the medications you are using.

If you have any health problem, get a consultation from your doctor and ask about your hair transplantation procedure. 

Stop using aspirin or blood thinners 3 days before your FUE procedure. 


  • Avoid alcohol and smoking. 

  • Alcohol may affect the efficiency of the local anesthesia and smoking might cause blood vessel constriction therefore it can weaken the growth of the hair transplant. 

A day before the Hair Transplant

  • Shower and wash your hair very thoroughly, do not apply any products like gels, cream or sprays after the shower. 

  • Wear comfortable clothing preferably a shirt that can be opened from the back or front without having to pull it off over your head. 

  • Do not forget to eat breakfast before the procedure. 

  • Preferably do not drink coffee or anything with caffeine the day of the procedure since it could increase the amount of bleeding.

The Morning of the Procedure

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