Youthery began after our founder performed an FUE hair transplant that changed his life forever.

Aware of the current high cost of this procedure in the United States he decided to gather professional doctors all members of the International Society of Hair Restauration Surgery (ISHRS) and open facilities in Monterrey Mexico to lower the operational costs without loosing the quality and professionalism of the hair transplant.  

We transform the lives of many men and women who suffer daily due to hair loss problems; making it affordable and comfortable. Youthery includes the FUE procedure, a PRP treatment, your stay at a 5 star hotel, luxury transportation and the medications needed. 

We are located in the municipality of San Pedro Garza García; the safest and richest neighborhood in Latin America; known for its safety, top restaurants, hip bars and public family areas like Calzada del Valle and Arboleda. 

If you are tired of stressing about your hair, we can change your life today.


Recreate Yourself


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